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     I hired Enfield Town Cleaning Services and their cleaners to do a deep clean of my property. I couldn't find fault with any aspect of the service. They left my house gleaming, every surface shiny and sanitised. It was a great service from a top team.
Tina H19/05/2020
     I bought a cabin on the lake last fall. It was fully furnished, but some of the rugs needed cleaning. I called my friends at Carpet Cleaner Enfield Town to get the job done right. They are the only professional that I trust for rug cleaning. Their prices can't be beaten, either!
Dempsey R.20/09/2019
      Enfield Town Carpet Cleaners managed to sort out my carpet and give me a clean carpet in no time at all. It was an experience watching them at work.
Dennis W.27/04/2018
     Life comes at you fast. So, you can imagine my horror when my toddler stained my carpet with marinara sauce. Yikes! The team of Enfield Town Cleaning Firm cleaned my carpet so thoroughly that you would never be able to tell that it was once covered in sauce, and they did this work for a fair price.
     They came to my home fully equipped to carry out the house clean. The cleaning team arrived on time and finished the task in a jiffy. A very pleasant experience overall! Would recommend Carpet Cleaner Enfield Town!
Justin L.10/03/2017
     Here's to a long and happy relationship with Enfield Town Cleaning Services! Takes a lot for me to get on to the internet and leave a review for a company, but they're managed to impress me so much in such a short amount of time. The carpet cleaning they've been able to offer in my house has been fantastic. Feels like everything is fresh and new, never knew it could be this effective. Truly excellent, happy to recommend.
Eugene Evans05/11/2015
     Ever since I moved into my home, there has been a stain on the living room carpet. It bugged me for months because I was unable to remove it. Not wanting to buy a new carpet because of it, I called up EnfieldTownCarpetCleaners to see what they could do for me. They assured me they could help and they sent a cleaner to my home to provide it. He has the best tools and all the knowledge to get the job done and so the stain was gone.
Carlie J.18/12/2014
     I wish I'd hired a cleaner from EnfieldTownCarpetCleaners sooner than I did! I don't know why I didn't consider hiring a domestic cleaner before now. For years I've been struggling with all the household chores and my house never looked clean and tidy. It was only when I started noticing bad odours that I decided something had to be done. I contacted the cleaning company and, even though I was embarrassed, everyone I spoke to was really professional and friendly. Now my house is the cleanest, tidiest and freshest-smelling house on my street and everyone wants to know my secret! I can't thank my professional cleaner enough for everything she's done. This is a brilliant service that everyone should try out!
Catelynn K.17/12/2013

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